Sunday, November 16, 2008

Honda CB 1100 F

A classic Honda UJM, an air cooled in-line four that is so 80s but also so modern and desirable.. If you are tired of the hi-tech superbikes, the tall adventure enduros, the water-cooled heavy retros, then this may be for you.

Honda displayed it at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Tracing its roots from the legendary Honda CBs (750, 900, 1100) of the late 70s and early 80s, it seems to have everything right: Beauty, simplicity, feeling.. : (
Production is not confirmed although several sites reported that it may hit the floors by 2009. We are only hoping..

BMW Lo Rider

The designers of the first boxer would never have thought of this incarnation.. The BMW Lo-Rider prototype as presented in the 2008 Milan show is another possible home for the hugely successful 1170cc engine. As its name suggests it’s (really) low, something that will be greatly appreciated for the many short drivers of the 1200GS. It's also minimal and filled with retro details (spoke wheels, single seat) as well as super-modern touches (front lights...)

It should appeal to many types of riders without excluding the 50+ ones.. Considering the positive reaction the bike could get the green light. If it does then it will be offered with many customization options (different lights, seats, exchaust etc) as claimed by BMW.
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